O2 Air purifier

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O2 Air , thanks to an innovative patented HeMaCa filterfights indoor polution, holding nanoparticles harmful to health and reintroducing pure air into environment. The patented filter is a single element that combines the effectiveness of 3 filtration layers: HEPA, Magneting layer and Activated Carbon.It gurantees the removal of the harmfull particles uo to 0.3 microns, and thanks to the intermediate layer it reaches a pollutant abatement performance of up to 50% more then the other filters in the market. O2 Air reduces up to 99.97% of PM0 , odours, VOC, chemical agents , heavy metals , free radicals , metallic nanoparticles, formaldehyde vapors, ionized particles, bacteria and viruses. O2 Air has optional Print link device to be able to reduce concentration of harmful fine partcles emitted by toner of the printer.

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